Make TopView phone calls over cellular

Install an inexpensive GSM VOIP Gateway and make TopView Voice Notification calls over celluar
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Providing 100% Reliability for Water and Wastewater Systems

Aqua America’s existing alarm notification system was experiencing frequent failures, which eventually lead to a catastrophic failure of the entire system. Aqua America turned to TopView Alarm and Notification software for their new platform.
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Use VOIP with analog phones lines (and replace TAPI)

Install an inexpensive IP-PBX and make TopView Voice Notification calls using VOIP and analog phone lines.
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Improved Phone Call-out Alarm Notification with VOIP

Cypress Ridge WWTP converted their hardwired TAPI-based telephone alarm notification system to use Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) resulting in less hardware and significant gains in reliability .
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New Exele PI-DAS RECLAIM System for LA Refinery

We have recently installed a new PI-DAS RECLAIM environmental monitoring and reporting system in the Los Angeles area. This new installation is at one of the largest refineries in California with over 50 reportable sources. The existing system was approaching end of life and needed to be replaced.
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Keeping TopView Healthy

Ensuring that TopView is running without interruption is essential for our customers. Although we work hard to make sure TopView is as bulletproof as possible, there are some circumstances that can affect TopView Engine processes. Whether those circumstances are inside or outside of TopView’s control, there are ways to detect and mitigate problems.
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TopView VOIP Providers

A list of tested VOIP Providers for TopView VOIP call-out Notification.
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TopView VOIP Call-out Alarm Notification

With VOIP call-out support, TopView can deliver spoken alarm messages to phones over an Ethernet network. Calls are sent via data packets over the network instead of the traditional phone network. From the TopView computer, no copper phone lines or additional physical devices/modems are required.
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Environmental Compliance – Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

Environmental Compliance – Moving Beyond Spreadsheets Streamlined Part 60 and other CEMS Based Compliance Enforcement of environmental regulations in process facilities with emissions sources is becoming increasingly prevalent.  Compliance is often based on data gathered from continuous emissions monitoring systems, or CEMS.  Penalties and fines associated with violations have made accurate monitoring, calculating, and reporting emissions Read More

Using TopView OPC with GE Proficy Historian

With the 6.20 release of TopView Alarm Management and Alarm Notification Software, TopView can monitor current tag data in the GE Proficy Historian. This allows GE Proficy customers to benefit from the numerous features of TopView including:
Detection and logging of abnormal events (with optional SQL Server event logging)
Alarm logic and scripting
Alarm notification: Audible alarms, Email, SMS/text, Voice callout, and SNMP Traps with alarm acknowlege through Email, SMS, and Voice call-out
Desktop and Web-based alarm HMI’s
Scheduled and ad-hoc alarm reporting
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Big data on small screens?

Big data on small screens? Designing an application for the modern mobile web James Sconfitto, Exele The computer is still young Maybe I sound old saying this, but I remember a world before desktop computers were ubiquitous. When I was a kid, my dad had a Commodore 64 and an old IBM around the house, Read More