Environmental Compliance – Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

Environmental Compliance – Moving Beyond Spreadsheets Streamlined Part 60 and other CEMS Based Compliance Enforcement of environmental regulations in process facilities with emissions sources is becoming increasingly prevalent.  Compliance is often based on data gathered from continuous emissions monitoring systems, or CEMS.  Penalties and fines associated with violations have made accurate monitoring, calculating, and reporting emissions […]

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Using TopView OPC with GE Proficy Historian

With the 6.20 release of TopView Alarm Management and Alarm Notification Software, TopView can monitor current tag data in the GE Proficy Historian. This allows GE Proficy customers to benefit from the numerous features of TopView including:
Detection and logging of abnormal events (with optional SQL Server event logging)
Alarm logic and scripting
Alarm notification: Audible alarms, Email, SMS/text, Voice callout, and SNMP Traps with alarm acknowlege through Email, SMS, and Voice call-out
Desktop and Web-based alarm HMI’s
Scheduled and ad-hoc alarm reporting
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