Software Products

Our software products allow users to do more with their existing process data. Many companies collect, store and display their process data, but they miss out on the additional value their data offer in the way of analysis. These are the companies that can benefit from the Exele suite of tools. TopView monitors data from unexpected events. Calculation Engines allow users to derive calculated results – additional data – from their process measurement data. Process Templates enables users to make sure the measured data matches a desired profile. These and other software products from Exele offer the value you might be missing.


Alarm Management, Notification, and Remote Monitoring

Alarm Management and Analytics, Alarm Notification, and Remote Monitoring for OPC/SCADA, PI, Canary Labs, SQL (OLEDB/ODBC), and Windows Performance (PerfMon).


Advanced Process Calculation engine for OPC

Solid performance, unmatched flexibility, and reliable results are why some of the world’s largest companies reliably use Exele’s process calculation products.


Advanced VB.Net Calculation engine for PI

EDICTvb.Net™ is a process calculation framework for OSI-PI and Rockwell Factory Talk Historian (FTH) data.


Event analysis and alarming for OSISoft PI

Assists users in the creation and management of measurement profiles (“process templates”) as well as the real-time monitoring and alarming of measurements versus the profiles during process events.


Archive usage and compression analysis for OSISoft PI

Allows PI System Administrators to easily identify “noisy” tags and to tune the tags and PI archive through changes to tag compression settings.


OPCDA and OPCHDA Test Tool

Free Software to test local and remote OPC Servers. Connections, tag/item browsing, read and write values, read aggregates, and more.