Adjusting Notification Settings

The TopView Contacts, Schedules, Global Settings desktop application allows easy access to the global notification settings for TopView.

Note: this desktop application runs on the TopView machine. You can also edit global notification settings using the desktop Configurator or Web Configurator.

Notifications settings that can be edited in this application include:

  • Contacts
  • Schedules
  • Notification groups: Email-SMS, Voice, etc.
  • Escalation templates
  • Notification message templates

This application exists as a separate application from the TopView Configurator so that adjustments can be made to the notification settings without giving users access to other alarm configuration information. Changes to the global notification settings can be made without requiring a restart of running TopView Engines.

Common uses

  1. Reworking a notification message without restarting TopView to update it
  2. Updating a contact’s email address or SMS phone number
  3. Adjusting a schedule’s start and end times
  4. Moving members from a notification group representing one shift to another
  5. Adding a new escalation step to an escalation process

Little-known (but useful) features for TopView Notifications

  1. TopView can grab a notification address from a tag in the control system
  2. Contact Aliases: Create a contact alias that points to a specific contact. Changing the final destination of the notification is as easy as pointing the alias to another contact
  3. TopView provides an API to this data, allowing outside tools to access and edit the notifications settings