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SCADA Connect Support for GE iFIX and InTouch Edge

TopView SCADA Connect adds support for GE iFIX and Intouch Edge
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TopView® version 6.33.3 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.33.3
Version highlights:
– Fixes issue with inaccessible TopView DataPath
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TopView® version 6.33.2 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.33.2
Version highlights:
– Incoming email: IMAP
– View selected alarm actions
– MWA: brute force mitigation
– SCADA Connect status window
– Suppress email/SMS footer
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Make Voice calls from TopView with Twilio

TopView support VOIP/SIP for voice notification calls. You can use Twilio as the VOIP/SIP provider

TopView® version 6.33 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.33
Version highlights:
– Newer .Net Framework requirement
– Twilio support for SMS
– Redundancy for cellular modems
– New Web Configurator features
– Alarm Actions logs
– OPC Private Security
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Topview and MQTT Videos Available

TopView Alarm and Notification software v6.32 adds support for MQTT as both a publisher and subscriber.
Watch our MQTT videos to learn more.

TopView® version 6.32 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.32
Version highlights:
– Web Configurator
– TopView for MQTT
– Publish MQTT messages
– Inhibit tag
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TopView® version 6.31 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.31
Version highlights:
– Configurator updates
– Schedule Groups
– Configuration API (beta)
– HTTPS Support for the Mobile Web App
– New testing options : disable all notifications, disable all outputs
– Scheduled Alarm Reports: new filters for alarm start time and acknowledge state
– Email/SMS/Voice Notification Groups: Repeat count for recipients
– Voice Notification: Option to strip non-numeric characters from recipient phone numbers
– TAPI unavailable for new configurations
– Licensing: Tag/Point Count for licensing: allow duplicates and common extensions
– TopView 101 and SCADA Connect help
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OPCcalc® and EDICTvb.Net (v.4.5.0)

Exele Calculation Engines for OPC (DA/HDA) and OSIsoft PI
Version 4.5.0 highlights:
– Visual Studio 2017, .Net Framework 4.5
– Equation Editor updates
– Equation Database updates
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TopView® version 6.30.0 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.30
Version highlights:
– Voice Notification enhancements
– Output Tag for monitored tags
– Notification Groups: Delay setting enhanced
– Alarm color: new options for persisting
– Acknowledge Input Tag: define multiple values
– JSON output: Alarm Reports and Snapshot Output
– Configurator: new monitored tag list columns
– HTML Snapshot Report – choose columns
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Topview for Wonderware Overview Video

TopView with SCADA Connect provides a robust alarm notification solution for Wonderware InTouch and System Platform users.
Watch this 4-minute video for a quick overview.

TopView® version 6.29.0 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.29.0 Release
Version highlights:
– TopView for SQL Events Released
– SMS Notification: support for networked modems (GSM/CDMA)
– TAPI supported ended: Voice Notification and Remote Dial-in
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New TopView data source release: TopView for SQL Events

TopView for SQL Events release Almost every running system generates some type of event log to record information, warning, error, alarm, and failure messages. Many of these systems record their events in a relational or SQL-based database. When an error or disruption occurs you can usually find event records in the database with details of Read More

TopView® version 6.28.2 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.28.2 Release
Version highlights:
– Configurator Simplified View
– Tag Group notification enhancements
– Disable/enable contacts
– Set alarm priority from tag value
– Set color by alarm priority
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Send TopView messages via WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform owned by Facebook. We’ve received a number of requests to allow TopView to send messages via WhatsApp. WhatsApp does not provide an API for sending messages, so it is not possible to have TopView send messages to groups from WhatsApp, but it is possible to send a message from Read More

Exele and Benchmark Software announce partnership for SCADA Alarm Notification

Exele and Benchmark Software announce partnership for SCADA Alarm Notification
Exele Information Systems enters strategic partnership with Benchmark Software to offer SCADA/HMI Connectivity and Import Packages for TopView® Alarm Management and Notification Software.
TopView® SCADA Connectivity and Conversion Tools.
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TopView® SCADA Connectivity and Conversion

TopView® SCADA Connectivity and Conversion Tools
Simplify integration of TopView with popular SCADA/HMI packages with Connectivity Packages and Application Import plus Conversion from Win911/SCADAlarm
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TopView® version 6.27.3 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.27.3 Release
Version highlights:
– Multiple Notify settings per alarm limit and Tag Group
– Alarm disable: Snooze/Shelve start time
– Email-SMS Notification: Alarm Notification Delay
– Show notification groups for contact
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Use VOIP with analog phones lines (and replace TAPI)

Install an inexpensive IP-PBX and make TopView Voice Notification calls using VOIP and analog phone lines.
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TopView® version 6.26.3 Release

TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.26.3 Release
Version highlights:
– Input and output acknowledge tags
– HIHI and LOLO to suppress notification for improving conditions
– Persist disable updates
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