TopView Web Viewer

The Web Viewer is a web-based client for TopView engines, providing access to multiple running TopView engines.

TopView Web Viewer


With the Web Viewer application, all the same features of the Mobile Web App are available for multiple engines:

  • Monitor current alarms and values
  • Acknowledge alarms
  • Filter by Tag Group, alarm state, and acknowledge the state
  • Examine tag and alarm details
  • View alarm history

…but the Web Viewer provides more:

  • Comment on alarms
  • Show or hide alarms and values columns
  • Run the application on a different computer than TopView
  • User and permissions management
  • Browser notifications for alarms, acknowledgments, and RTNs
  • Automatic feature and bug updates
  • Windows and web-based application configuration

Additional features will be included upon production release:

  • Support for hosting via HTTPS
  • Installation as a service
  • Improved design and layouts

Live demo

Try the application out on our live demo site.

Application screenshots

Value Views
Alarm History with Statistics and Chart
Acknowledge notifications
Filtering Alarms for Tag Group
Configuration application
Support for SSL

Pricing and licensing

The TopView Web Viewer utilizes Remote Viewer connections to communicate TopView date to the web browser.

During the application beta, the Web Viewer will leverage existing licensed Remote Viewer connections. One Remote Viewer connection is already included in all versions of TopView, additional connections are available for purchase or as an upgrade.

Licensing and/or pricing may change upon full production release.


We welcome suggestions, bug reports, and any other feedback you may have. Feel free to get in touch by emailing support, or via our contact form.