Request a Quote for TopView

If you would like a quote for TopView (Single License), please fill in the information below. Your answers will be sent to Exele Sales and you will be contacted with pricing information.

TopView Single License Quote Information

How many separate data servers (OPC Classic/UA Servers, PI Servers, AF/PI Servers, SQL databases, MQTT Brokers) will be monitored by the TopView Engine installation (usually one). Note: if you have mirrored servers/systems and are also requesting TopView Redundancy below, your data server count is one. A PI Collective is one data server. See “OPC Server Count” in the TopView Pricing Worksheet for information on counting Data Servers for certain SCADA Systems accessed through OPC gateways. Does not apply to TopView PerfMon.
How many points/tags will be monitored by the TopView Engine across all data servers
One Remote Viewer license is included with every TopView license
More about the TopView Remote Viewer desktop client...
TopView Redundancy: Include additional backup/failover license for the TopView Engine?
This allows you to install TopView on a second machine for failover/redundant configurations. Note: this does not increase the data server count above
If you will use TopView with a SCADA System please provide the name of the SCADA software. Learn more about SCADA Connect.