EDICTvb.Net – OSIsoft PI Calculation Software

Current release: 4.6.0

The development of PI-based process calculations has always been a challenging task. If you’ve been involved in this effort, you may have faced some of these questions:

Proven Results

The good news is that we have a solution. Exele has been developing process calculation tools for more than two decades. We have asked the questions you are asking, and we have helped customers like you by developing calculation products that provide the answers.

EDICTvb.Net (for OSIsoft PI) is a proven calculation framework solution that are currently in use by some of the most data-intensive calculation customers in the world. We allow those with process knowledge to create robust calculations based on real-time and historical process data. We provide the framework for data access, scheduling, and error handling, and give you the diagnostic tools to monitor and debug the performance and results of your calculations. If you need to expand beyond the delivered features, you can take advantage of the entire Microsoft .Net framework.


With EXELE’s calculation products, your calculation development time will be drastically reduced. Calculations will be easy to support, transportable, and you can be assured that the product will advance with technology. The overall cost of your calculation project will be reduced because you have offloaded the calculation framework to a company with expertise in process calculation software.

With your process knowledge, you can create robust calculations based on real-time and historical process data. Generate engineering, performance, economic, environmental, regulatory compliance, or other calculated results from process inputs.

Solid performance. Scalable. Unmatched flexibility. Reliable results.