TopView Mobile Web App

The easiest way to view live process data and alarms on a mobile device

Available for all TopView versions, the TopView Mobile Web App is the easiest way to view and acknowledge TopView’s alarms and monitored values on your mobile device or desktop browser.

MWA users can:

  • Monitor alarms and tag values
  • Acknowledge alarms
  • Filter the view by Tag Group, alarm state, and acknowledge state
  • Examine tag details
  • All without installing any special clients on users’ phones

The TopView Mobile Web App runs in any modern browser and does not require an app installation.

No complicated IIS installation required, nor is any data sent outside of your own servers.

Any device that can run a modern web browser is supported

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Configure and Use the Mobile Web App in under 5 minutes

Using the Mobile Web App

Each TopView Engine instance (configuration) can enable the TopView web server – the host of the Mobile Web App.

The web server is embedded within the TopView Engine, instead of an external web server (e.g. IIS), so there are no additional requirements or installation steps.

The web server can be enabled or disabled per TopView Engine instance using the TopView Configurator. The user can also select the port for use by the embedded web server, and can optionally enable user security (login).

Once the web server is enabled and the TopView Engine is running, users with network access to the TopView computer (including mobile devices browsers) can access the Mobile Web App.

It’s that easy – no web server configuration, nothing to install on client devices.