PI-DAS CEMS Software


Real Time acquisition of raw data into the historian

  • Raw data, analyzer status from PLC’s, DCS’s, CEMS controllers.
  • Calibration gas values, maintenance status, faults.
  • Overrides, Heating Values, F factor, Moisture.


Raw data validation, range, in-control & roll-up to 15-minute averages or 6-minute averages (opacity)

  • Real time.
  • Retrospective – recalculation capability.
  • Drift Correction.


Evaluation of 15-minute data validity

  • Immediate Notification of invalid data, analyzer faults, Out-of-Control (OOC).
  • Prompting for Reason & Action (R & A) inputs for monitoring equipment malfunctions and exceedances.


Hourly and block average roll-up

  • Immediate notification of exceedances – emission, concentration, opacity.
  • Prompting for R & A inputs for monitoring equipment malfunctions and exceedances.
  • Missing data procedures, if required.


  • Aggregation of hourly and block data to daily, monthly and quarterly values by emission source and/or facility


Automatic data transmission and reporting to regulatory agencies

  • Production of operational and compliance reports (i.e.: EDR’s).