TopView Pricing


TopView can be purchased directly from Exele or through a distributor. If you have any questions on how you should proceed please contact Exele, or call +1 (585) 385-9740.

Pricing and Quotes

For pricing details and quotes you can contact or call Exele at +1 (585) 385-9740. You can also request a quote for TopView online.

Licensing Questions

For Licensing questions (tag counting, data server counting, maintenance/support) please see the TopView Licensing document.

TopView License: Perpetual or Subscription

Starting with TopView v6.35 customers have the option to purchase a subscription TopView license.

Perpetual license

Subscription license

TopView License: Single or Site

Single License: TopView is licensed to a single machine (computer). Each Single License of TopView allows the user to install the software on a single computer and access data from one data source (OPC/SCADA, PI, SQL, …) within a site. A single installation of TopView can access multiple data sources if the user has purchased a single license for multiple data sources.

Site License: TopView is licensed to a single site. The site license includes unlimited installations, unlimited tags, and unlimited Remote Viewers for a single data source within a site. A site license of TopView can access multiple data sources if the user has purchased a site license for multiple data sources.

Pricing Overview (USD)

Starting at $1195 (perpetual) or $500/year (subscription) based on monitored point count; includes SCADA Connect, one Remote Viewer and one year SSA. License options for multiple data servers and fail over/redundancy.

Remote Viewer:
Perpetual: 1: $300, 5-pack: $1250
Subscription: 1: $126/year, 5-pack: $525/year

SSA renewal after first year: Perpetual: 15% current list price

Request a quote for a TopView Single License

What is SSA?

SSA (Software Support Agreement) is an annual service that provides the user with free product upgrades and extended support options. During a period of active SSA, users will receive all product upgrades, fixes and extended phone and email support at no additional cost.

For a perpetual license SSA is included for the first year and can then be purchased annually. SSA is included with an active subscription license.