TopView MQTT

MQTT is a lightweight publish/subscribe message protocol. MQTT is popular with IOT (Internet of things) applications where bandwidth may be low or unreliable.

Devices and sensors can use MQTT to publish messages of measurement and state data. MQTT clients such a TopView can subscribe to messages to retrieve the measurement and state data published by the devices and sensors.

TopView for MQTT is designed to monitor MQTT messages for measurement and state data. The message content (payload) can be parsed by TopView (XML, JSON, CSV) for real-time monitoring, alarming, and notification.

Note: TopView for MQTT allows TopView to act as a subscriber to MQTT messages. TopView can also publish MQTT messages: all TopView versions (OPC, PI, SQL, …) support publishing MQTT messages of TopView current value and current state data.

TopView and MQTT Overview

TopView Events MQTT Product Overview and Demo

The following TopView video will overview TopView Events for MQTT and demonstrate how to configure TopView to perform real-time monitoring, alarming, and notification of MQTT message content.