TopView for OPC/SCADA

TopView OPC allows you to easily monitor, alarm, report, and send notification (Email, SMS, TAP, Text-to-speech, Voice, …) for process data measurements read from one or more OPC DA or OPC HDA Servers. TopView supports monitoring of all major OPC tag data types (floats, integers, strings, booleans, …) including OPC array tags.

OPC is an open connectivity standard available for most PLCs, SCADA Systems, Control Systems, and Historians including:

ABB • Allen-Bradley • Aspen • Bailey • Busware • Citect • Contrex • Eaton PowerNet • Emerson • Fisher • Foxboro • GE • Honeywell • Intellution • IOTech • Kaye • Modbus • Moore • Omron • Optimation • PI • Rockwell • Sattbus • Siemens • SIXNET • TIWAY • Wonderware • Yaskawa • Yokogawa

OPC Servers are often available from your PLC, SCADA System, Control System, or Historian vendor and may already be a part of your existing system. You can also purchase 3rd party OPC Servers from companies such as Kepware ( See for more information on OPC.

SCADA Connectivity and Conversion

Simplify integration of TopView with popular SCADA/HMI packages with TopView Connectivity Packages and Application Import for popular SCADA/HMI packages plus Conversion from Win911/SCADAlarm

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DownloadUsing TopView OPC with GE Proficy Historian