TopView Alarm Notification using Pushover

TopView Alarm Notification using Pushover

Starting with version 7.2, TopView supports outgoing and incoming messages for Pushover.

Pushover makes it easy to get real-time TopView alarm notifications on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop (Android Wear and Apple Watch, too!)

TopView and Pushover features include:

  • Bidirectional messaging between TopView and Pushover users
    • Outgoing alarm notification messages from TopView to Pushover users
    • Incoming messages from Pushover users for alarm acknowledge (optional)
  • Multiple platforms
    Android, iPhone & iPad, and Desktop Browser clients
  • One-time cost or Team options
    To use Pushover for yourself or a small group, it’s just a $5 USD one-time purchase on each platform (iPhone/iPad, Android, and Desktop) where you want to receive Pushover notifications. More about Pushover pricing…
    Send up to 10K messages from TopView for each Pushover account you set up.

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