Remote Viewer

The TopView Remote Viewer client (for Windows desktop computers) allows users to monitor TopView and acknowledge alarms from anywhere on the network.

Using the Remote Viewer desktop client, the user can

  • Monitor the value and status of all TopView tags (Values View)
  • Monitor current alarms and unacknowledged items (Alarms View)
  • Hear audible alarms (WAV and Text-to-speech)
  • Acknowledge alarms
  • Disable, snooze/shelve alarms
  • View and filter alarm history
  • Create Alarm Reports
  • Perform Alarm Analytics (find worst offenders, identify alarm flooding, …)
  • Enter comments/annotations for alarms
  • View the TopView application log

The Remote Viewer can also display the Remote Viewer icon in the System Notification Area of the user’s desktop. The icon will display new alarm messages in a pop-up bubble as they occur in TopView.

Need to download the Remote Viewer? Download it here…

TopView Alarm and Notification Engine:

TopView Alarm and Notification Engine

Current Values and Alarms:

Current values and alarms

Alarm History and Analytics:

Alarm History and Analytics:
TopView Report Alarms
TopView Alarm Summary
TopView Alarm Events
TopView Alarm Count Overtime