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Process Calculations

OPCcalc is a vendor-neutral, process calculation framework for OPC Data that allows those with process knowledge to quickly create robust calculations based on real-time and historical process data. Generate engineering, performance, economic, environmental, regulatory compliance, or other calculated results from process inputs.

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Alarms & Notification

Exele’s TopView® software is a powerful yet easy-to-configure alarm management, alarm notification, and remote monitoring tool for process and automation data, databases, system performance & network ping response data.

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Emissions Reporting

PI-DAS provides flexible solutions for your data-intensive, process-related environmental compliance requirements whether they be driven by CFR 40, Parts 60 and 75, Title V with reasons/actions and EDR, MACT, Southern California RECLAIM and/or other similar regulations.

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EXELE is a consulting and software engineering company that provides value added applications used in real-time process control.

We provide software products, consulting, and software engineering for a variety of industries:

Data Center

Food Industry

Water / Waste Water


Oil & Gas




Metals & Mining

Exele's products and services are used to:
Increase reliability - Increase yield - Improve quality - Optimize energy usage
Provide effective alarming and notification - Achieve regulatory compliance
Optimize batch and continuous processing - Improve performance

EXELE is a consulting and software engineering company that provides value added applications used in real-time process control.

We provide software products, consulting, and software engineering for a variety of industries:

  • Chemicals

  • Food Industry

  • Metals & Mining

  • Water / Waste Water

  • Data Center

  • Manufacturing

  • Power

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Oil & Gas

News & Updates

  • TopView® version 6.33.3 Release

    TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.33.3
    Version highlights:
    – Fixes issue with inaccessible TopView DataPath
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  • TopView® version 6.33.2 Release

    TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.33.2
    Version highlights:
    – Incoming email: IMAP
    – View selected alarm actions
    – MWA: brute force mitigation
    – SCADA Connect status window
    – Suppress email/SMS footer
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  • Make Voice calls from TopView with Twilio

    TopView support VOIP/SIP for voice notification calls. You can use Twilio as the VOIP/SIP provider

  • TopView® version 6.33 Release

    TopView Alarm and Notification Software v6.33
    Version highlights:
    – Newer .Net Framework requirement
    – Twilio support for SMS
    – Redundancy for cellular modems
    – New Web Configurator features
    – Alarm Actions logs
    – OPC Private Security
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  • Topview and MQTT Videos Available

    TopView Alarm and Notification software v6.32 adds support for MQTT as both a publisher and subscriber.
    Watch our MQTT videos to learn more.

  • OPCcalc® and EDICTvb.Net (v.4.5.0)

    Exele Calculation Engines for OPC (DA/HDA) and OSIsoft PI
    Version 4.5.0 highlights:
    – Visual Studio 2017, .Net Framework 4.5
    – Equation Editor updates
    – Equation Database updates
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  • Topview for Wonderware Overview Video

    TopView with SCADA Connect provides a robust alarm notification solution for Wonderware InTouch and System Platform users.
    Watch this 4-minute video for a quick overview.

  • New TopView data source release: TopView for SQL Events

    TopView for SQL Events release Almost every running system generates some type of event log to record information, warning, error, alarm, and failure messages. Many of these systems record their events in a relational or SQL-based database. When an error or disruption occurs you can usually find event records in the database with details of Read More

  • TopView® SCADA Connectivity and Conversion

    TopView® SCADA Connectivity and Conversion Tools
    Simplify integration of TopView with popular SCADA/HMI packages with Connectivity Packages and Application Import plus Conversion from Win911/SCADAlarm
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  • Use VOIP with analog phones lines (and replace TAPI)

    Install an inexpensive IP-PBX and make TopView Voice Notification calls using VOIP and analog phone lines.
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  • Overview: TopView PI with AF Support

    Overview: TopView PI with AF support : alarms and notification for PI tags and AF element attributes
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  • Improved Phone Call-out Alarm Notification with VOIP

    Cypress Ridge WWTP converted their hardwired TAPI-based telephone alarm notification system to use Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) resulting in less hardware and significant gains in reliability .
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  • TopView® Events for OPC A&E

    Announcing TopView Events for OPC A&E
    TopView for OPCA&E allows users to monitor, track, historize, and notify events from any OPC A&E Server including Emerson DeltaV, Iconics, Kepware, GE Proficy iFIX, Honeywell Experion, Yokogawa Exaopc, and others.
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  • Free OPC Test Tool update for OPC A&E

    OPC Test Tool. The Exele OPC Test Tool can be used to test local and remote OPC-DA, OPC-HDA, and now OPC Alarms and Events (OPC A&E) Servers. Lean more

  • New Exele PI-DAS RECLAIM System for LA Refinery

    We have recently installed a new PI-DAS RECLAIM environmental monitoring and reporting system in the Los Angeles area. This new installation is at one of the largest refineries in California with over 50 reportable sources. The existing system was approaching end of life and needed to be replaced.
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  • Environmental Compliance – Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

    Environmental Compliance – Moving Beyond Spreadsheets Streamlined Part 60 and other CEMS Based Compliance Enforcement of environmental regulations in process facilities with emissions sources is becoming increasingly prevalent.  Compliance is often based on data gathered from continuous emissions monitoring systems, or CEMS.  Penalties and fines associated with violations have made accurate monitoring, calculating, and reporting emissions Read More


  • “Implementing Topview into our control scheme has added a supervisory layer that not only helps prevent production losses but also aids in keeping us in compliance with state and local requirements.  We use TopView alarms with automated emails to notify management, purchasing and suppliers when raw materials are needed.  In addition, having process parameters monitored Read More


    Piramal Enterprises

  • “TopView has been a pivotal and robust tool that has contributed to the continued success of the Remote Monitoring Center. Installation, setup and configuration are straightforward with comprehensive embedded documentation and customer support that is second to none. This allows for fast implementation without downtime that would detract from the value of monitoring real time Read More


    RMC Control Systems Specialist
    Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc

  • We examined a number of options, including email notification, SMS text message notification, voice notification and pager message notification. TopView provides comprehensive features to ensure that notifications reach their intended destination, with configurable retries and alternative contact telephone numbers. All notifications and errors are logged, providing complete visibility of all actions. The flexible configuration, the Read More


    Senior Consultant, Process & Control Systems

  • “TopView” is providing an entirely new spectrum of alarm option for our wastewater treatment plant; e-mail, telephone, text pager and mill radio system. The bulk configuration provides easy set-up of tags, limits, messages delivery options and customizable message text. Exele has provided excellent technical support that has been readily available by telephone.”



  • “I wish I had bought this months before I did. I was attempting to configure another vendor’s software for 2 months and never could get it to do what I wanted. TopView was easy to configure, does more, and ended up costing less. ”


    Evergreen Packaging, Inc.

  • “TopView has added tremendous benefit to our Pawnee power plant by automatically contacting the appropriate personnel for operational alarms, approaching potential problems, and required tasks based on conditions. Besides being easy to install and configure, TopView has improved Pawnee’s availability by warning of events before they get beyond help. This is especially valuable with environmental Read More


    Xcel Energy

  • “We evaluated the available alternatives and found that for process notification and alarm management, “TopView” works best out of the box. Configuration and setup is intuitive and product support is very good. A variety of receiving devices and output formats are available and well integrated. The product is actively being developed to keep pace with Read More


    MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resources Authority)

  • “TopView has paid for itself many times over in our fermentation pilot plant by increasing efficiency and decreasing lost batches. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Customer support is outstanding. We have even seen some of our suggestions incorporated in updated versions of the software.”


    Igene Biotechnology, Inc.

  • As a crucial part of Flakeboard’s Award winning Energy management System, TopView provides constant monitoring of the networked equipment that feeds data into our system. Device and communication failure reports are automatically generated and mailed to key contacts to address the problem to avoid large loss of data.


    Electrical Systems Coordinator

  • “I realized I needed a way to automatically get notified when something stopped working or was in alarm, so I could begin responding or even correct the problem before it impacted plant operations (or was noticed by plant management). I was told about Exele and the TopView software and with just a couple of quick Read More


    Engineer, NRG Energy

  • “I’ve looked at several OPC alarm systems including the one from our SCADA OEM. The functionality of TopView fulfills all my needs and then some. You guys did a great job!”


    Trent Wind Farm

  • TopView has added tremendous benefit to City of Calgary Water Services by sending Sanitary Lift Stations, Storm Water Lift Stations, and Retention Ponds alarms to Field Services Asset Operations group. TopView has been providing reliable alarm monitoring and notification for the last four years daily on 24 hours. Easy and flexible to configure, scalable, redundancy, Read More


    Control Systems Services Coordinator
    City of Calgary Water Services

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