TopView PerfMon

for Microsoft Windows Performance & Network Ping

TopView PerfMon allows you to easily monitor, alarm, report, and send notifications (Email, SMS, TAP, Text-to-speech, Voice, …) for System Performance Information from local and remote Microsoft Windows computers (Windows Performance Counters) as well as Ping response time between TopView and any networked computer or device (PingTime counter). The monitored items are called “counters”.

Windows Performance counters return information such as

  • CPU usage information
  • Disk free space and I/O rates
  • Available memory and memory statistics
  • Process resource usage (CPU and memory usage per process)
  • Database and other application details (applications can create their own performance counters)
  • Network adapter I/O rates

The PingTime counter returns the ping response time (msec) between TopView and other networked devices. PingTime allows you to monitor, configure alarm limits, and send notification for failed networked devices or long ping response times. PingTime is not a standard Windows Performance Counter.

Microsoft includes a tool named “PerfMon” for viewing available performance counters. TopView PerfMon accesses the same performance information as PerfMon, plus an additional PingTime counter for any networked computer or IP address.