Configurator (web)

Starting with TopView 6.32, TopView includes a web-based configuration application that can run local or remote to the TopView machine.

Web Configurator

The Web Configurator allows users to perform most of the configuration tasks available in the desktop Configurator.

Current configuration tasks available in the Web Configurator:

  • TopView version 6.32
    • Contacts
    • Schedules
    • Global Notification Groups
  • TopView version 6.33
    • View running state of TopView Engines
    • Edit TopView Engine configuration files
      • Alarm tags, alarm conditions
      • Tag Groups
      • Audible Alarms
      • Email-SMS and Voice notification: enable/disable
      • Mobile Web App settings and security
      • Remote Viewer connections and security
  • TopView version 6.34
    • Incoming/outgoing email and SMS settings
    • VOIP callout settings
    • Notification Message Templates
    • Escalation Templates
    • Contact Groups
    • Engine Monitoring and Log files
  • TopView version 6.35
    • Display of OAuth settings for outgoing/incoming Email (new 6.35 feature)
  • TopView version 6.36
    • Ability to set user permissions per Engine configuration
  • TopView 6.37
    • SIP Instant Messaging, Twilio inbox, Yeastar TG device (SMS), Manual Tags
  • TopView 7.0
    • Login with Windows Authentication
    • Microsoft Teams, Voice Dial-in, Rotating Schedules
  • TopView 7.1
    • Message when there are unsaved changes with ability to discard changes
    • Upon saving a configuration, added a warning if the current number of tags would exceed the number of tags allowed by their license
    • Create a copy of a configuration
    • Added “Reports and Audits” and ability to view Audit Change logs
    • Add Simulation Tags, TopView Status Tags, and Manual Tags to a configuration tag list
  • TopView 7.2
    • Grant configuration edit permission to Tag Group(s) within a configuration
    • Additions: Health, Heartbeat, Logging, WhatsApp and Pushover settings