Free Software and Tools

At EXELE, we’re proud of our products and services and the reception they’ve received from our clients and customers.

Take a look at a few items we offer for free.

TopView Free Software Version

Alarm Management, Notification, and Remote Monitoring

TopView FREE is a fully functional, non-expiring version of TopView designed for applications with up to five monitored points/ tags and provides for one Remote Viewer (TopView client) connection.

OPC Test Tool

Free OPCDA and OPCHDA Test Tool

Free test tool for OPC-DA (Data Access), OPC-HDA (Historical Data Access), and OPC A&E (Alarms and Events).
DA/HDA: Connections, tag/item browsing, read and write values, read aggregates, …
A&E: Connections, subscriptions, subscription filters, event viewing, …