Alarm Reports / Alarm Actions

Alarm Reports: Ad-hoc or Scheduled

Alarm Reports are summary reports of the alarms that occurred for one or more monitored points over a user-specified period of time. Each alarm report can filter the included events for specific areas/groups, alarm message content, priority, alarm and acknowledge state.

The generation of each Alarm Report can be ad-hoc (local or remote using the Remote Viewer) or scheduled/emailed. The Alarm Report output is a readable report, CSV, or HTML file.

Each Alarm Report can include:

  • Alarm statistics per tag/row (total alarm count, average duration, …)
  • Alarm event details:
    • the tag/row that went into alarm
    • the alarm message
    • the start and end time of the alarm condition
    • the alarm acknowledge time, user, and device (if it was acknowledged)
    • alarm annotation/comment
    • the server name, tag name, description, tag group, and alarm UID

You can easily schedule the automatic generation of Alarm Reports as “Alarm Report Scheduled Tasks”. These scheduled tasks have configurable report start and end times, filters, optional output file and email recipients. For email recipients, the report can be included in the email message or as an attachment.

Alarm Actions Logs

When an alarm occurs there may be many “actions” related to the alarm including

  • Into alarm, return to normal, and acknowledge time
  • Acknowledge user
  • One or more notifications and the success/failure of each notification
  • Clearing of additional notification due to alarm acknowledge or return-to-normal

For each alarm that occurs these actions are collected into a single, viewable “Alarm Actions log” to allow users to trace through the activity related to an alarm. Alarm Actions Logs are available in TopView Admin Tools and the Remote Viewer.