Exele Newsletter September 2017

Exele Newsletter September 2017

Recent TopView Releases

Alarm and Notification Software for OPC/SCADA. OSIsoft PI, OPC A&E, SQL, Canary Labs, and PerfMon

TopView 6.28 Highlights:

  • Configurator Simplified View
  • Run TopView Applications with elevated permission
  • Enable/disable Contacts
  • Notification enhancements for Tag Groups
  • Alarm Priority: Retrieve from tag
  • Alarm Color: Set from priority
  • Configuration descriptions

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TopView 6.27 Highlights:

  • Multiple Notify settings per alarm limit and Tag Group
  • Alarm disable: Snooze/Shelve start time
  • Email-SMS Notification: Set delay between outgoing messages

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PI-DAS Continuous Emissions Monitoring & Reporting

  • Greenhouse Gas: EXELE has delivered a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting solution that performs data validation and substitution in compliance with EPA 40CFR Part 75 protocols. This solution reduces the amount of time required to generate compliance reports by automating processing of hourly averages and spreadsheet generation.
  • SCAQMD: We’ve developed a utility for use at our South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) sites that enables the packaging of emissions values so that they can be transmitted from any location with a working phone line. This will make it possible to avoid fines for late transmissions due to equipment issues outside of the customer’s control.
  • SCAQMD: Another development for SCAQMD sites is our ability to have automated monitoring of the RECLAIM Web Access to Emissions Reports (WATERS) web site to detect possible missed transmissions. EXELE TopView is used to provide e-mail notifications to interested parties.
  • PI Coresight: Exele developed software that enables users of PI Coresight to request and download a spreadsheet report from a PI Coresight display. This workflow saves time since it provides a web based one stop shop for ad-hoc data viewing and standardized report generation.

Please contact us at sales@exele.com for details on any of these developments.

Replace TAPI for Voice Callout Notification

TopView Alarm and Notification Software

If you’ve configured voice call-out alarm notification in the past, you’ve may have had experience with TAPI.

TAPI allows software applications like TopView to make phone calls over analog phone lines using a voice modem or TAPI device attached to the computer.

In theory this should all work well but the reliability of TAPI devices is highly dependent on the operating system version, vendor provided drivers, audio device settings, and the quality of the device itself. In addition it may be difficult to implement communication to the TAPI device from a virtual machine.

We have an inexpensive solution to make network-based phone calls from TopView using the same analog phone line.

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TopView for SQL Events

SQL-based Event Log Monitoring and Notification

Almost every running system generates some type of event log to record information, warning, error, alarm, and failure messages.

Many of these systems record their events in a relational or SQL-based database. When an error or disruption occurs you can usually find event records in the database with details of the problem but this is often done after the fact.

Monitoring, filtering, and notifying based on the event records as they are written is a better solution.

To address this need, we’re introducing the latest addition to the TopView family: TopView for SQL Events.

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Break Time Video

The Sun Sneeze Gene (photic sneeze reflex)

Do you sneeze when you walk into bright sunlight? About one in four people have a photic sneeze reflex, and it appears to be genetic.