TopView® version 6.27.3 Release

TopView® version 6.27.3 Release

May 30, 2017

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See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version

Multiple Notify settings per alarm limit and Tag Group

In previous version of TopView each alarm limit and Tag Group allowed the user to assign one notification group. Each notification group is for a specific type of notification (email, voice, ….).
In this release each alarm limit and Tag Group allows for the assignment of up to three different notification groups.

Although each notification group can only be for a specific notification type (e.g. email, voice, …), by allowing multiple notification groups the user can now easily configure multiple types of notification on a single alarm event. Previously the user may have implemented an escalation step (at delay= 0 seconds) to perform additional types of notifications for the alarm event.

Alarm disable: Snooze/Shelve start time

TopView alarms can be disabled permanently or temporarily (shelved/snoozed until an expiration time). This is controlled through the disable and disable expiration properties of each alarm.

TopView alarms can now be scheduled for a future disable/shelve through the disable start time (snooze/shelve start time). The alarm disable start time can be set in the Configurator or through the Remote Viewer client (disable action, snooze/shelve).

Email-SMS Notification: Alarm Notification Delay

If a TopView alarm is configured to notify multiple Email-SMS recipients (through the alarm limit or Tag Group ‘Notify’ setting), the default behavior is to send the notification to all recipients at the time of the alarm. In some cases the user may want to configure a delay between each Email-SMS notification message recipient and optionally cancel unsent messages if the alarm is acknowledged and/or returns-to-normal.

This type of behavior can be configured through Escalation Templates but requires the configuration of multiple steps (one per recipient) including delays and conditions.

Alarm Notification Delay is a simpler solution when the escalation delays and condition are the same and the behavior should be applied to all Email-SMS alarm notifications.

Show notification groups for contact

TopView’s Contact Manager allows for the organization of TopView notification recipients as “contacts”.  The Contact editor screen now contains a [Part of Groups] button that will display a list of Notification Groups to which the current contact belongs.


See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version