TopView® version 6.28.2 Release

TopView® version 6.28.2 Release

August 18, 2017

TopView OPC/SCADA ● TopView OPC A&E ● TopView PI ● TopView for Canary Labs ● TopView SQL ● TopView PerfMon

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See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version


Simplified View

The Configurator can now be configured to remove options, menu items, and screens that may not be in use or of interest to the end user.
The simplified view can be configured in Global Options…Applications

Reload last configuration

The Configurator can now be configured to reload the last configuration.

Prompt to run with elevated permission

The Windows user who runs a TopView application may not have the required access to TopView files and may not be allowed to perform certain tasks (e.g. install TopView Service). Many users work around this limitation by running the application “as Administrator” by right-clicking the application shortcut and choosing “Run as Administrator” or by modifying the properties of the application shortcut.

Three TopView applications can now check for elevated permission when they start: TopView Configurator, TopView Admin Tools, and Contacts, Schedules, Global Settings
If enabled the application will check for elevated permission and if not found it will prompt the user to restart with elevated permission.

Contact: Set disabled

A Contact can now be disabled to prevent the contact from receiving any notifications. Any attempts to notify a disabled contact will be suppressed and the application log will contain a message regarding the suppression.

Tag Group Enhancements: Notification

This release includes the following changes to Tag Group notification:

  • Alarm and RTN notification can select a notification message or template
  • Acknowledge notification can be configured with its own notification message or template
  • A priority filter can be configured to disable Tag Group notification for an alarm whose priority falls outside the priority filter range
  • Added Acknowledge on return-to-normal

Alarm Priority: Retrieve from tag value

Alarm priority is an integer value 1-999.  The alarm priority can now be defined by a tag whose value is within the range 1-999. This feature allows the alarm priority to be dynamic and defined outside of the TopView configuration.

Set Alarm color and Alarm label by priority

In previous versions the alarm color and optional alarm label were configured for each alarm condition. A new option allows configuration of alarm color and alarm label by the priority of the alarm.

If enabled the user configures one or more priority ranges with defined colors and descriptions. Once the priority ranges have been defined they can be used to control the alarm color and/or alarm label for active alarms.

Configuration description

Each TopView configuration file now has a description property that can be edited on the ‘Configuration files’ screen. The current description is displayed in the list of configuration files and as a a tooltip for the current configuration file if the user hovers over the “Current configuration’ name at the top of the Configurator.

See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version