New TopView data source release: TopView for SQL Events

TopView for SQL Events release

Almost every running system generates some type of event log to record information, warning, error, alarm, and failure messages. Many of these systems record their events in a relational or SQL-based database. When an error or disruption occurs you can usually find event records in the database with details of the problem but this is often done after the fact. Monitoring, filtering, and notifying based on the event records as they are written is a better solution.

To address this need, we’ve released the latest addition to the TopView family: TopView for SQL Events.

TopView for SQL Events allows users to configure continuous monitoring, filtering, analytics, and notification of event records stored in one or more SQL-based relational databases.

It is designed to monitor and alarm based on SQL data that flows in like a stream. This is different from the TopView SQL Lookup data source, which is designed to monitor tables in which data is modified in place, rather than streaming in over time.

TopView for SQL Events:

  • Continuously monitors and filters recent event records written to SQL databases
  • Allows users to receive notifications for significant events
  • Uses ODBC to connect to a SQL database, providing access to nearly all major SQL databases

Now available in TopView

TopView for SQL Events is available in TopView 6.29 and later.  Please download and give it a try, then let us know how it goes and if it’s a good fit for your data monitoring needs.

Download and learn more

[full_width]btn-downloadDownload evaluation version of TopView for SQL Events[/full_width]

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For more detailed information, explanations, and an example, please see the main TopView for SQL Events page.