Exele Newsletter December 2017

Exele Newsletter December 2017

TopView for SQL Events

Alarm and Notification for SQL-based Alarm and Event Logs

TopView for SQL Events is the latest addition to the TopView family.

Most software generates logs to record important status information – including error, alarm, and failure messages — and many of these systems record their events in a relational or SQL-based database.

Errors or disruptions write event records in the database with details of the problem but are often discovered long after they’ve occurred.

TopView for SQL Events provides a solution:

  • Continuously monitor and filter recent event records written to SQL databases
  • Provide current event state
  • Allow users to receive notification messages for significant events

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SMS via Networked Cellular Modems

Send TopView SMS/Text Alarm Notification Messages using Networked Cellular Modems

TopView supports sending alarm notification messages to SMS/Text recipients directly on cellular networks using cellular modems.

TopView’s recent support for networked cellular modems brings new features to TopView SMS Notification including:

  • More standards: Support for more cellular standards including GSM/HSPA/CDMA/LTE
  • Virtual machines: Virtual machine friendly
  • No Drivers: No cellular modem drivers to install on the TopView machine
  • Sharing: Easily share a single cellular modem with multiple TopView Engines

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TopView Product Overview Video

Updated with the latest TopView features

If you are considering TopView, we want you to understand its features so you can make an informed decision. This overview will help you answer the question, “What can TopView do, and how can TopView be a valuable part of my alarm and notification solution.”

Process Calculations

Exele’s calculation products for OPC and OSIsoft PI provide a robust framework for the creation and management of site and enterprise-wide process calculations.

Process calculations for OPC…

Process calculations for PI…

CEMS Environmental Reporting

Meet environmental compliance requirements and regulations with real-time data acquisition, aggregation and storage, and automatic reporting

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Have you tried TopView FREE?

TopView FREE is a fully functional, non-expiring version of TopView Alarm and Notification Software designed for applications with a limited number (5) of monitored points/tags and provides for one Remote Viewer (TopView client) connection.

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