TopView FREE

A fully functional, non-expiring version of TopView designed for applications with a limited number (5) of monitored points/tags and provides for one Remote Viewer (TopView client) connection.


Is this really free? Are there any time limits?
Yes, this is really free. There are no time limits. TopView FREE will run continuously and does not expire.

Can I use TopView FREE in a production environment?
TopView FREE is meant for testing and demonstration purposes and not for production use.

How can I get the free version?
Get TopView FREE here

Which versions of TopView are supported in TopView FREE?
All current versions are supported: OPC/SCADA, OPC A&E, PI, Canary Labs, SQL Lookup (OLEDB/ODBC), SQL Events (ODBC), MQTT, and PerfMon.

What are the limitations of the free version?
See comparison chart below.

After I install TopView FREE, what is the best way to get started?
Watch the demo/introduction videos.
For more information, see the documentation and help included with the TopView FREE installation.

Can I upgrade from the FREE version to the full version?
Yes. You will not need to re-install unless you want to install the full version on a different computer.

TopView Free TopViewFull Version


Free Based on point count & Remote Viewer count
Number of tags/points that can be monitored 5 10 to unlimited
Remote Viewer license (TopView client) 1 1 to unlimited
Software Technical Support (by phone/email) check
Production use check
OPC/SCADA, OPC A&E, PI, Canary Labs, SQL Lookup, SQL Events, MQTT, and PerfMon
SCADA Connect check
Can run as Windows Service
Web Configurator
Tag Grouping/categories
Operations & Logic Functions
Alarm detection
Audible Alarms (WAV, text-to-speech)
Email Notification (mail server)
SMS Notification (cellular modem)
2-way Email & SMS (alarm ack, information request)
Modem Notification (TAP)
Voice Notification (voice callout)
Alarm and Notification Escalation
Notification Message Templates
Alarm acknowledge through Email/SMS reply
Output points, acknowledge input/output tags
Mobile Web App
HTML Snapshot reports
Snapshot Output (file/SQL Server)
Ad-hoc and scheduled Alarm Reports with email
Alarm RSS feeds
Alarm Analytics
SQL Server Alarm Logging
Alarm comments/annotation
Audit change log and backup
TopView performance and health monitoring