TopView Videos 

Product Overview

TopView Product Overview

The TopView Product Overview is a narrated presentation that describes the major features of the product. Learn about Exele, our TopView customers, and the great features included with TopView Alarm and Notification software.

TopView for Wonderware – Overview

The TopView for Wonderware Overview is a short overview of TopView and SCADA Connect for Wonderware InTouch and System Platform.

Getting Started and Demo

TopView Events OPC A&E Product Overview and Demo

The following TopView video will overview TopView Events for OPC A&E and demonstrate how to configure TopView Events to perform real-time monitoring of OPC A&E Events from an example facility.

Before watching this video, we recommend that users watch our OPC A&E Overview and OPC A&E Test Tool videos.

TopView for SQL Events Product Overview and Demo

The following TopView video will overview TopView for SQL Events and demonstrate how to configure TopView for SQL Events to perform real-time monitoring of an device event log.

TopView SQL Lookup Product Overview and Demo

The following TopView video will overview the TopView SQL Lookup product and demonstrate how to configure TopView SQL Lookup to perform real-time monitoring of data from an ODBC or OLEDB database.

TopView OPC/SCADA – Product Overview and Demo (16 mins)

TopView for Canary Labs Product Overview and Demo

TopView PI and PIAF Product Overview and Demo

TopView PI Product Overview and Demo (older version)

TopView PerfMon Demo

View the TopView PerfMon demo (13 minutes)

After the video window opens, press F11 to toggle full-screen mode on/off

Product feature demonstrations

Publish MQTT messages from any version of TopView

Mobile Web App& Demo

TopView Logic Functions

Sending HTML Email Notification Messages

Technology and Overview Videos

TopView and MQTT Overview

OPC A&E Overview

Create and View OPC A&E Subscriptions – OPC Test Tool