SMS Notification with Networked Cellular Modems

TopView provides support for both serial/USB and networked cellular modems for SMS. If you do not currently have a cellular modem we recommend implementing a networked cellular modem.

Connecting to a cellular network requires a plan with a cellular carrier that supports the chosen cellular modem (GSM/CDMA/HSPA). This plan will provide you with a SIM card to insert into the cellular modem, giving the modem a cellular phone number. If the cellular plan includes SMS/text messaging (required), TopView can then use this cellular modem to send/receive SMS text messages to/from cellular phones.

Networked cellular modem

A networked cellular modem is connected to the same network as TopView. The cellular modem has an IP address on the network and TopView communicates to the cellular modem over the network. There are no drivers required on the TopView machine and networked cellular modems can easily be used from virtual machine TopView installations.

Supported networked cellular modems

Using networked cellular modems in TopView requires a MultiTech cellular modem that supports their HTTP/HTTPS API.

We recommend the MultiConnect rCell 100 series modems. They are available for GSM and CDMA and support the bands of most countries.  In addition all models support the MultiTech HTTP/HTTPS API used by TopView. Please contact MultiTech to verify the correct rCell 100 modem for your country and carrier.

In the United States we are using the following rCell 100 modems for development and testing:

The MultiTech rCell modems have a web-based configuration utility. Please follow our MultiTech rCell 100 Configuration document to assist with the modem configuration steps.

TopView networked cellular modem feature details


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