Voice Call Out Devices

TopView uses voice call-out devices to make notification phone calls. Calls can be made through a VOIP service (network-based phone call) and analog phone lines.

End of TAPI support

TopView no longer supports TAPI for making voice notification calls. TAPI requires a TAPI device (voice modem, voice card) and drivers from the device manufacturer. Newer Windows operating systems no longer provide reliable TAPI support. TopView supports VOIP (network-based phone calls) and we have VOIP solutions that can use an existing analog phone line.

If you are still using TAPI see our TopView TAPI information page.

VOIP (voice notification)

VOIP can use an existing internal phone system that supports VOIP, a hosted solution, or an inexpensive IP/PBX network device that bridges VOIP and existing analog phone lines.

If you are not familiar with VOIP, see our Overview of VOIP support in TopView.

We also have a list of some hosted VOIP providers that we have tested with TopView.

VOIP network device for cellular calls

A GSM VOIP Gateway allows TopView to make phone calls over a cellular network. The Gateway is installed on the same network as TopView, so as long as you have a good cellular signal you can make voice calls from TopView to both mobile and land phones.

Learn more about making cellular calls from TopView

VOIP network device for analog phone lines

If you have an existing analog phone line and you’d like to use this phone line to make voice calls from TopView, we have a solution that bridges VOIP with your analog line.

Our recommended VOIP-to-analog-line solution is the Grandstream UMC6200 or UCM6300, a network device that provides a VOIP Server and bridging to analog phone lines.

How to Configure the UCM6200/6300 for use with TopView

Do not purchase the 6300A model if you need TopView to handle calls through a POTS line, the 6300A does not provide analog phone line ports.

Otherwise, the 63xx-series “A” models also work with TopView.

For more information see our article Replace TAPI with VOIP (analog phone line support)