TAPI Devices (legacy)

TAPI (Voice notification and Remote dial-in)

TopView allows use of TAPI devices but product support for TAPI devices has ended. Please consider using VOIP instead of TAPI.

TopView TAPI voice functions (voice notification and remote dial-in) can be accomplished with Voice Telephony boards, Voice modems, and TAPI devices. 

Voice modems and TAPI devices are often more economical than telephony boards, although the selected voice modem will affect the overall functionality and voice quality; all devices are not created equal. 

TAPI: Phone line device tips

Recommended Voice (TAPI) device

Way2Call Hi-Phone: Desktop Lite (other Hi-Phone models may also work)

Where to buy: Hi-Phone: www.way2call.com  Various pricing based on model ($250-$400)

Tips: see our Way2Call Hi-Phone installation steps and tips.

Virtualized USB and Serial ports

Some modems that we recommend interface to the TopView computer through USB or serial ports.

Some Virtual Machines are capable of providing virtualized USB and serial ports where the ports in the Virtual Machine are mapped to physical ports – normally physical ports of the Virtual Machine host computer.

These virtualized ports may or may not work with our recommended devices. Most of our recommended modem and voice devices were created and tested against physical USB and serial ports. Our recommendation is to not use these devices with virtualized ports and we do not support the configuration of TopView software with virtualized USB and serial ports.  If you decide to use virtual USB and serial ports with TopView you are responsible for thoroughly testing and being satisfied with the interaction of TopView and the device.