Exele Newsletter March 2021

Exele Newsletter March 2021

In this issue

  • TopView 6.35 Release
  • OPCcalc and EDICTvb.Net 4.6 Release
  • Will the end of 3G affect your TopView cellular modem?
  • TopView Subscription License
  • OAuth Support in TopView Email

TopView 6.35 Release

Alarm and Notification Software for OPC/SCADA, OSIsoft PI, OPC A&E, SQL, MQTT, Canary Labs, and PerfMon

TopView 6.35 Highlights:

  • Subscription license option
  • Email Notification: Use OAuth (sign in with Google/Microsoft)
  • SCADAConnect: now part of the TopView installation
  • Alarm Actions: export to HTML
  • Failover/Redundancy improvements

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OPCcalc and EDICTvb.Net 4.6 Release

Calculation Engines for OPC (DA/HDA) and OSIsoft PI

Version 4.6 Highlights:

  • Visual Studio 2019 and MSBuild Tools v16 support
  • Equation Editor Performance Improvements

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Will the end of 3G affect your TopView
cellular modem?

Some cellular carriers have announced the end of 3G.

TopView’s recommended networked cellular modems for SMS/text require a SIM card that registers the modem with a cellular carrier, just like the SIM card in your mobile phone.

Your cellular service through this SIM supports a certain data speed, the most common being the older “3G” speed and a newer data speed named “LTE”.

Many carriers have announced that support for 3G will be ending. How will this affect TopView and your cellular modem?

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TopView Subscription License

Starting with TopView v6.35 customers have the option to purchase a subscription TopView license

We will continue to offer the existing TopView perpetual license but are now offering an annual subscription license that includes software support.

What are the differences?

Subscription license

  • Lower initial cost
  • Annual subscription to use TopView software
  • Active subscription includes Software Support

Perpetual license

  • Higher initial cost
  • TopView software will run without expiration
  • Initial purchase includes one year of Software Support
  • Annual Software Support can be purchased after the first year

If you have questions about the subscription license or if you need help deciding which license is best for you, please contact sales@exele.com

OAuth Support in TopView Email

Grant Email permission to TopView without exposing credentials

TopView supports outgoing and incoming email (SMTP , POP/IMAP). In previous versions of TopView the user was required to manually enter the server and authentication settings for the outgoing and incoming email servers.

Google (Gmail/GSuite) and Microsoft (Office365/Outlook) are encouraging users to implement email clients that support OAuth, the technology behind “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Microsoft” seen in applications, web sites, and some email clients. With OAuth, permissions can be granted to the application (e.g. send email, read email) without exposing authentication credentials to the application.

In TopView v6.35, outgoing and incoming Email settings can use OAuth with Google and Microsoft. The settings screens contain [Sign in with Google] and [Sign in with Microsoft] buttons to allow the user the authenticate and grant email permission to TopView.