TopView® version 6.35.1 Release

TopView® version 6.35.1 Release

January 2021

OPC/SCADA ● OPC A&E ● PI ● SQL Events ● SQL Lookup ● MQTT ● PerfMon

See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version

Subscription license option

Customers can now purchase an annual TopView subscription license instead of the existing perpetual license.

Learn more about TopView subscription license

Email Notification: Use OAuth (sign in with Google/Microsoft)

TopView supports outgoing and incoming email (SMTP , POP/IMAP)
In previous versions of TopView the user was required to manually enter the server and authentication settings for the outgoing and incoming email servers.

Google (Gmail/GSuite) and Microsoft (Office365/Outlook) are encouraging users to implement email clients that support OAuth, the technology behind “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Microsoft” seen in applications, web sites, and many mobile email clients. With OAuth, permissions can be granted to the application (e.g. send email, read email) without exposing authentication credentials to the application.

TopView’s outgoing and incoming Email settings can now use OAuth with Google and Microsoft. The settings screens contain [Sign in with Google] and [Sign in with Microsoft] buttons to allow the user the authenticate and grant email permission to TopView.

SCADAConnect: now part of the TopView installation

SCADA Connect is provided to TopView customers with supported SCADA Systems.

In previous versions of TopView, SCADA Connect was a separate installation. The SCADA Connect installation is now included in the TopView installation.

Alarm Actions: export to HTML

Alarm Actions record an individual alarm’s activity (active, return to normal, acknowledge) and related notifications and actions taken. Alarm Actions can be viewed in Admin Tools, the interactive Engine (non-Service), and Remote Viewer.

Alarm Actions can now be exported to an HTML report using a new [Send to HTML report] button on the Alarm Actions display.

Failover/Redundancy improvements

TopView failover/redundancy allows installation of TopView on a primary and secondary machine (with proper licensing). A WatchDog Engine on the secondary machine monitors the health of TopView Engine(s) on the primary machine and controls the execution of backup TopView Engines on the secondary machine.

Improvements include:

  • Improved watchdog logic for detection of primary health and startup of backup Engines (3-tag solution). The Watchdog Generator Tool will implement the new 3-tag solution
  • Start/Stop backup Engine on secondary machine: A new “Start/Stop a TopView Engine Service” setting on the replaces the net start/stop commands in previous versions. This setting is more robust than net start/stop commands and will continuously monitor an Engine to ensure that the Engine is in the desired state.

Voice Notification: different dial prefix for primary/backup SIP Server (VOIP)

TopView VOIP calls can be configured with a dial prefix that is automatically added to all called numbers.

In previous versions a single prefix was allowed. This single prefix was used for the primary SIP Server and the optional backup SIP Server.
A different dial prefix can now be configured for each SIP Server.

Configurator: Welcome Screen and examples

New customers will be presented with a welcome screen that provides links to “getting started” information as well the option to install example Contacts, Schedules, Notification Groups, Escalation Templates, Notification Message Templates, and Remote Viewer configuration

See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version