Exele Newsletter February 2013

Exele Newsletter February 2013


TopView 6.15

Alarm Management, Notification, and Remote Monitoring Software for OPC/SCADA, OSIsoft PI, SQL, and PerfMon

New features and enhancements include:

  • Notification Web Page for alarm acknowledge
  • Support for OPC Array Tags
  • Mobile Web App enhancements
  • Voice Callout Notification enhancements
  • Remote Viewer Client: security by Windows Group

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Web Page for alarm acknowledge


Embed acknowledge link in alarm email notification

In TopView, you can now embed a link to a web page that will allow the user to view an item’s details page as well as acknowledge the alarm.

TopView contains an embedded web server which is used by the TopView Mobile Web App. Within the Mobile Web App, each monitored point contains a details page containing an acknowledge button if the item is currently unacknowledged.

A new TopView message placeholder provides a direct link to an alarm item’s details page. This placeholder is supported in alarm messages and notification messages.

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Advanced Alarm Notification Improves Hydro Operations

ARTICLE: Automation.com
When Hydro Electric operations encompass a vast geographic area, early indications of a potential issue can mean the difference between preventing a problem and reacting to one. Having the tools to successfully address alarm conditions early by notifying the appropriate personnel can save a tremendous amount of time and money, and ensure undisrupted power generation.


Brookfield Renewable Energy’s Hydro Operations implemented an advanced warning system to provide notification of potential alarm conditions which has resulted in a better use of personnel, reduced downtime and fewer callouts for maintenance.

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Exele PI-DAS

smokestackCEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring and Reporting

PI – DAS, EXELE’s CEMS based / Environmental DAS / RTU systems provide flexible solutions for your data intensive, process related environmental compliance requirements.

PI-DAS uses the PI System as the Emissions Monitoring and Reporting Platform. Key advantages of the PI System for these situations are:

  • Environmental Compliance data lives in PI and can easily be made available to all who need it via PI client tools.
  • Includes real time emissions, compliance emissions, retrospective recalculation, overrides, and alarming.
  • Reported results are very auditable and traceable.

EXELE is an OSISoft Partner and uses PI as the Emissions Monitoring and Reporting Platform.

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OPC Calculation Engine


OPCalc is a vendor-neutral, process calculation framework for OPC data allowing those with process knowledge to quickly create robust process calculations.

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PI Tuning Tools


PI Tuning Tools allows PI System Administrators to easily identify “noisy” tags and to tune the tags and PI archive through changes to tag compression settings.

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Mobile Web App

for TopView

The easiest way to view live process data and
alarms on a mobile device


View tag data & acknowledge alarms on your
mobile phone or tablet device


TopView Mobile Web App is available for all TopView versions…



PI Tuning Tools


PI Tuning Tools allows PI System Administrators to easily identify “noisy” tags and to tune the tags and PI archive through changes to tag compression settings

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