Topview for Wonderware Overview Video

February 2018

TopView with SCADA Connect provides a robust alarm notification solution for Wonderware InTouch and System Platform users.
Watch this 4-minute video for a quick overview.




When it comes to alarm notification software for your SCADA system, users may have a hard time finding a solution the fills their list of needs, or they may have implemented a solution that over promised and under delivered.

For alarm notification you want a system that is reliable, easy to use, integrates with your SCADA System, and provides informative and useful notifications in a variety of formats.

About TopView

TopView alarm and notification software  is a reliable and feature-filled product with a large world-wide customer base of varying industries and sizes.

Although we work with many systems, we’ve recently added a SCADA Connect module to provide tighter integration with Wonderware InTouch and System Platform.

TopView can monitor both your alarms and process data, allowing you to act on existing alarms and to create new alarms based on measurement behavior and limits.

Let’s take a closer look …

SCADA Connect

The TopView SCADA Connect module for Wonderware simplifies the integration of TopView and Wonderware by providing import and synchronization of your existing alarm and acknowledge points.

Bi-directional watch dogs and HMI Components give you access into application health and quick access to TopView applications

And for those coming from other notification software we can import your existing configuration into TopView.

Alarm and notification features

The heart of TopView is one or more TopView engines that perform real-time monitoring of alarms.

New alarms can trigger annunciations both locally and at remote machines by converting the alarm message text to clearly-spoken words.

The alarm message and related data can also be sent by email, SMS and Text, and as phone calls that speak the message when the call is answered.

External Notification

TopView supports external notification through email, SMS and text, pagers, and voice call-out for multiple events including alarm, return to normal, acknowledge, and through highly configurable state-based escalations.

Email notification in TopView can reach a wide range of recipients including traditional email clients and also SMS, text, and pagers with support from the carriers.

Optional: With support for SMTP with authentication and security we don’t have compatibility issues with most mail servers.

We also give uses the option to send SMS and text notification directly using GSM and CDMA cellular modems.

TopView Voice callout delivers spoken alarm messages to any phone using internal and hosted VOIP systems. If you’re moving from older solutions with analog phone lines we can easily bridge TopView VOIP to the analog line without the need for voice cards, voice modems, or TAPI devices.

Notification features

Email, SMS, and voice callout recipients have the ability to acknowledge the alarm that triggered the notification.

All of these notification methods support network-based delivery which removes issues with connected hardware drivers while also allowing TopView to run reliably on virtual machines.

The notification message can be completely customized to combine the SCADA alarm message with other static and dynamic content

And we make it easy for end users to change notification recipients and schedules without disruption of the real-time engine and through applications that prevent end users from changing the primary configuration settings.


TopView includes a Windows desktop and web-based mobile client

Our desktop client allows users to view, acknowledge, disable, and shelve alarms or to access alarm history and create ad-hoc reports.

Our mobile client allows networked mobile devices to view and acknowledge alarms and to query alarm history.

More features

TopView contains additional features including the option to log alarms and current state to SQL Server, ad-hoc and scheduled alarm reports with email, bulk configuration of alarms and notification settings in Excel, useful  administrative tools, plus much more.

The TopView Engine also runs reliably as a Windows Service ensuring that TopView is always running regardless of current user log on state.

Wrap up

Thanks for taking time to learn about TopView. Alarm notification software doesn’t need to be complex or frustrating. We invite you to learn more and to see what TopView has to offer.