SCADA Connect

Simplify configuration TopView with popular SCADA/HMI packages


TopView can perform alarm and notification function for many popular SCADA/HMI packages. The communication between TopView and the SCADA/HMI is usually through the OPC Server provided by the SCADA/HMI vendor.

Out of the box, TopView OPC allows you to connect to any OPC-compliant Server including those from the SCADA vendor. This could also be an OPC Server for a PLC, control system, or historian. TopView OPC gives the user full control over its configuration – the points to monitor, handshaking for acknowledgment, health monitoring, notifications, reports, and more.

When configuring TopView OPC for a SCADA system, the user may not be aware of the correct alarm and acknowledge tags to use, how to correctly configure the alarm conditions in TopView, or how to import the existing alarm descriptions and priorities. This is where SCADA Connect can help.

SCADA Connect is designed to simplify the configuration of TopView with many popular SCADA/HMI packages. Initial TopView configuration can be completed by importing the alarm details from the SCADA/HMI including alarm tags and alarm detection, descriptions/messages, priorities, bi-directional acknowledge, and alarm groups/areas. After the initial configuration it can continue to help synchronize the alarms in the SCADA/HMI to the TopView configuration.

Example SCADA/HMI integration components are included to provide bi-directional watchdogs and access to various features and components in TopView.

SCADA Connect is included in TopView for supported SCADA Systems

Watch our SCADA Connect videos to learn more

Supported SCADA/HMI for HMI Sync (alarm import to TopView Configurator)

(HMI Sync: automatic alarm import and configuration)