Exele Newsletter June 2013

Exele Newsletter June 2013


TopView 6.16

Alarm Management, Alarm Notification, and Remote Monitoring Software for OPC/SCADA, OSIsoft PI, Canary Labs, SQL, and PerfMon

  • New features and enhancements include:
  • TopView for Canary Labs: Canary Labs Historian has been added as a supported data source
  • TopView Eventhooks: Capture and handle TopView events including custom notification
  • New TopView Status Tags/Performance Counters: Provide additional information about the TopView Engine internals
  • Custom date/time placeholder formatting: Users can provide a custom format as part of each date/time placeholder

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TopView for Canary Labs

Integrated Solution for Canary Labs Enterprise Historian

canarylabs_523x501TopView for Canary Labs provides an integrated solution to the growing need for alarm management, alarm notification, and alerting capabilities based on data within the Canary Labs Enterprise Historian.

Through a collaborative effort, Exele and Canary Labs developed an interface allowing the data in the historian to be directly monitored by TopView. This interface allows Canary Labs users to access the full set of alarm management and alarm notification features available in TopView.

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OPCcalc & EDICTvb 3.8






Advanced Process Calculation Engines for OPC and PI
Version Highlights:

  • Equation Library Sequencing: Allows the user to control the order of execution for multiple equation libraries
  • Equation Database: Now supports local or network instances of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Equation Editor: Library Views for grouping and display of equation libraries
  • Equation Editor: Parse additional user function modules

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Alarm Mobility Increases Hydro Plant Reliability

ARTICLE: ControlGlobal.com

hydro-plantEdmundston Energy Hydro PlantThe City of Edmundston is the only municipality in New Brunswick to produce its own electricity. The Energy Department has three hydro generating stations including two on the Madawska River and another on the Green River. Their combined 6 turbines generate 8.3 Megawatts which produces 26 million Kilowatt-hours yearly for the city’s 9,000 total customers.

By integrating the TopView Alarm Notification software with the SCADA system, operators are now able to receive alarm messages in real-time on their cell phones and can acknowledge these alarms from anywhere.

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Mobile Web App

for TopView

The easiest way to view live process data and
alarms on a mobile device


View tag data & acknowledge alarms on your
mobile phone or tablet device


TopView Mobile Web App is available for all TopView versions…



PI Tuning Tools


PI Tuning Tools allows PI System Administrators to easily identify “noisy” tags and to tune the tags and PI archive through changes to tag compression settings

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“Bamboo Bicycles Roll Out”


For bamboo to be bike-ready, it must be cooked in an oven, stripped, and sealed
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