Exele and Benchmark Software announce partnership for SCADA Alarm Notification

Exele and Benchmark Software announce partnership for SCADA Alarm Notification

June 13, 2017

Exele Information Systems enters strategic partnership with Benchmark Software to offer SCADA/HMI Connectivity and Import Packages for TopView® Alarm Management and Notification Software.

Through this partnership, Exele’s TopView Alarm Management and Notification Software can leverage Benchmark Software’s Connectivity and Import Packages to simplify integration of TopView with many popular SCADA software packages. The result is a stable, reliable, and feature-rich SCADA alarm notification and management solution with minimal development and configuration time.

The Benchmark SCADA/HMI Connectivity Packages and Application Import Utilities for TopView are designed to perform a majority of the TopView configuration steps for popular SCADA packages through common setting templates and the import of existing SCADA alarms. The package also includes integration components for the SCADA/HMI for various features in TopView. The Application Import Utility can convert any Win-911 or SCADAlarm configuration to TopView saving integrators and end users days on development.

The Connectivity Packages and Application Import Utilities support Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware System Platform, Rockwell FactoryTalk View SE (A&E or HMI tag alarms, PlantPAx compatible), Rockwell RSView32, GE iFix, Rockwell Logix PLCs via RSLinx, Schneider Electric Citect, Siemens WinCC OA, ClearScada, VTScada, and others.

About Benchmark Software

Benchmark Software is a value-added software distributor specializing in software for SCADA alarm notification & management, data reporting, and communications. Benchmark’s employees have extensive experience in software distribution, and technical integration and implementation of several major HMI, PLC, historical, alarm notification, and reporting software packages.

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