TopView® version 6.29.0 Release

TopView® version 6.29.0 Release

November 13, 2017

OPC/SCADA ● OPC A&E ● PI ● SQL Events ● SQL Lookup ● Canary Labs ● PerfMon

See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version

TopView for SQL Events Released

Most software generates logs to record important status information – including error, alarm, and failure messages — and many of these systems record their events in a relational or SQL-based database.

Errors or disruptions write event records in the database with details of the problem but are often discovered long after they’ve occurred.

To address this need, we’ve released the latest addition to the TopView family: TopView for SQL Events.

TopView for SQL Events:

  • Continuously monitor and filter recent event records written to SQL databases
  • Provide current event state
  • Allow users to receive notification messages for significant events

TopView for SQL Events is different from the TopView SQL Lookup data source which is designed to monitor tables in which data is modified in place rather than streaming in over time.

SMS Notification: support for networked modems (GSM/CDMA)

Previous versions of TopView support sending SMS notification messages using a cellular GSM modem. This previous support required a USB/serial modem connection to the TopView machine. This release of TopView includes support for networked cellular modems using a vendor-specific HTTP/HTTPS API.

Supported cellular modems: MultiTech rCell 100 Series

TopView’s networked cellular modem support requires a MultiTech cellular modem supporting their HTTP/HTTPS API.
We are recommending the MultiConnect rCell 100 series modems which are available for GSM and CDMA in most countries and all support the HTTP/HTTPS API used by TopView.

A single networked cellular modem

  • can be used for both outgoing SMS notification and incoming acknowledge
  • can be shared by multiple TopView Engines


The network communication between TopView and the cellular modem is via HTTP or HTTPS so users can choose a secure HTTPS communication channel if desired. HTTPS will require that you install a certificate on the TopView machine. A step-by-step modem configuration document is available for users who purchase a MultiTech rCell 100 Series cellular modem.

TAPI supported ended: Voice Notification and Remote Dial-in

Due to unreliability issues with TAPI, the last few releases of TopView have included a warning that TAPI support would end in a future TopView release. For outgoing calls, TopView’s VOIP solutions are more reliable and can utilize internal VOIP phone networks, hosted VOIP Services, and internal networked VOIP Servers (hardware) that bridge VOIP and analog lines.

Because we can reliably replace TAPI with VOIP we are ending support for TAPI.

Note: the option to use TAPI for Voice Notification and Remote Dial-in will remain available in TopView for the near future but we will no longer provide support services to resolve problems with TAPI devices. Therefore “use TAPI at your own risk” and consider replacing existing TAPI voice notification with VOIP. Please contact Exele support with any questions.


See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version