TopView® version 6.26.3 Release

TopView® version 6.26.3 Release

April 3, 2017

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See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version

Input and Output Acknowledge Tags

Synchronize acknowledge state between TopView and the data source.

In previous versions of TopView, a TopView alarm could be automatically acknowledged by configuring another row that monitored the acknowledge tag for the alarm (aka “Server Acknowledge”). Users could also configure Output Points to write a value to a tag upon acknowledgement of an alarm in TopView. These two features allowed synchronization of acknowledge state between TopView and the monitored data source but the implementation required additional configuration steps for each alarm tag which were separate from the alarm tag details.

Acknowledge state synchronization has been simplified through a new feature named “Input and Output Acknowledge Tags”.

The configuration of each TopView alarm now includes the ability to configure both an acknowledge tag to monitor for automatic TopView alarm acknowledge (Input acknowledge tag) and a tag/value to output to upon the acknowledgement of the alarm in TopView (Output acknowledge tag). The input and output acknowledge tag details are properties of each alarm tag and can be configured using the tags and limits export and import functions.

LO and HI alarm conditions to suppress notifications for improving conditions

This TopView release includes 2 new alarm conditions, LO (L) and HI (H). The LO condition operates as a “<” condition, and the HI condition operates as a “>” condition.

The one difference between “<” vs. LO and “>” vs. HI is how they handle notifications for transitions. Any configured notifications for LO and HI alarm (notification for the limit, Tag Group, and Escalations) will be suppressed if the alarm is transitioning from LOLO or HIHI. Otherwise the conditions are identical.

 Persist disable to configuration file: updated behavior

An option in TopView allows run-time disable/enable actions (TopView Engine, Remote Viewer) to be written back to the configuration file (“persist disable”).

If this option is enabled: previous versions would update the configuration immediately after each disable/enable action. If TopView was configured to automatically apply configuration changes, the result could be many write/reads if the user was quickly but separately enabling or disabling alarms.

This version adds a default delay of 15 seconds between the last run-time disable/enable action and the persist/write to the configuration file.
Changes include:

  • Global options: A new global option to override the default delay (Global Options…General)
  • TopView Engine: if stopped any pending disable/enable actions will be persisted to the configuration file
  • Configurator: user will be prevented from saving a new configuration file if there are pending disable/enable actions
  • Configurator: Engine Status screen will display if there are any pending disable/enable actions
  • Admin Tools: Overview screen will display if there are any pending disable/enable actions

See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this version