TopView® version 6.21.5 Release

TopView® version 6.21.5 Release

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Exele Information Systems, Inc.
Phone: +1 585-385-9740

See the release notes for a full list of changes included in this release

VOIP Voice Notification (call-out)

TopView can send voice alarm messages over the phone to one or more recipients. The recipient can answer the call, hear the alarm message, and acknowledge the alarm. In previous versions, Voice Notification required an analog phone line and TAPI callout device (voice modem, etc.)

TopView now support VOIP-based Voice Notification. VOIP Voice Notification allows network-based phone calls through a SIP (session initiation protocol) server located on-site or off-site.

When configuring Voice Notification, the user must select the callout device type: TAPI or VOIP. All other Voice Notification settings are supported (text-to speech, call until first acknowledge, etc.) regardless of the selected callout device.

Learn more about VOIP support in TopView…

Active Directory updates

TopView can use Microsoft Active Directory for importing and linking Contact information (email, phone, …)

Updates include (1) search form allows searching by user name, first name, and last name and (2) paging of search results

Configurator Engine Status screen: summary of all running TopView Engines

The Engine Status screen now contains a summary of all running TopView Engines. This summary contains the same information displayed through the TopView Information Icon in the system tray.
Summary includes name, point count, row count, active alarm count, state (startup, running, suspended), last refresh time, data source (OPC, PI, …), and Service (yes/no)