TopView® version 6.18.1 Release

TopView® version 6.18.1 Release

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Acknowledge Notification

Previous versions of TopView support notification for the alarm event, return-to-normal event, and through escalation templates.
TopView now supports notification when an alarm is acknowledged. The user can customize the acknowledge notification message, subject (for email), and recipients. Using acknowledge-related placeholders, the notification message can include the acknowledge person, device, and time.

Smarter “restart on configuration changes”

In previous versions, the setting “auto-restart on configuration changes” would force an internal restart of the TopView Engine each time the configuration was saved. During the internal restart, existing state was not preserved. Therefore, existing alarms were ended and new alarms would occur after the internal restart, often with new notifications.

The TopView Engine can now apply most tag-based changes without performing an internal restart. This allows the user to change alarm limits, alarm messages, alarm disabled setting, and alarm notifications while preserving the current state of the TopView Engine.

Tag-specific User Values and placeholders added

TopView placeholders expose the properties of each monitored alarm tag to alarm messages, notification messages, and logic functions arguments. For example, the %tag% returns the name of the monitored tag for the alarm, and %tagvalue% returns the value of the tag.

Five new user values fields allow the user to configure additional tag-specific information which is then available as placeholders (%uservalue1%…%uservalue5%). The content of each user value can be alphanumeric or numeric.

Configurator: monitor status of TopView Engine

In previous versions, the user can monitor the status of the TopView Engine through the Information Icon (system tray) and TopView Admin Tools. The Configurator will now monitor the status of the TopView Engine for the current configuration file.
This includes:

  • A new Engine Status page that is accessible through a new “Engine Status” item in the left menu. The Engine Status page will show details about the running TopView Engine including operating state, Service (Y/N), start time, run time, last restart time, and configuration usage
  • A new square icon before the “Current configuration file” name will display the status of the engine (red=stopped, yellow=running but newer configuration exists, green=running with latest configuration)
  • The [Launch] button will be disabled if the TopView Engine is running for the current configuration

Mobile Web App: Real-time updates and Alarm History

The Mobile Web App allows users to view and acknowledge TopView alarms through mobile and desktop web browsers.

Real-time updates: In previous versions, the Values/Alarms View screens of the Mobile Web App updated when the page was loaded or refreshed using the [Refresh] button.
With real-time updates enabled, new values are pushed to the browser at a user-configured rate while other events (e.g. alarms) are pushed as they occur. In addition, if audible text-to-speech alarms are enabled in TopView, these audible alarm messages can now be delivered to users of the Mobile Web App.

Alarm history: Mobile Web App users now have access to the TopView Alarm History. The Alarm history page allows the user to query TopView alarm history for a period of time, filter the alarm history by monitored point and alarm duration, view a list of the alarm events for the period (Table), show a chart of alarm count per monitored point (find bad actors), view a chart of the total number of active alarms during the period (identify alarm flooding)