TopView® version 6.17.2 Release

TopView® version 6.17.2 Release

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Templates and Inheritance for Alarm and Notification settings

Inherit the alarm and notification settings of another tag
For each monitored tag, TopView allows the user to define alarm limits, alarm messages, notification recipients, escalation, and other settings related to alarm conditions and notification.
In many cases, a set of related tags will have identical settings for alarm and notification. Instead of requiring the user to duplicate the settings for each tag, TopView allows the user to configure alarm and notification settings for a single tag (the template tag) that can be inherited by one or more additional tags (children). Any changes to the template tag’s alarm and notification settings are automatically inherited by the related children tags.

Mobile Web App Enhancements

The TopView Mobile Web App provides access to TopView alarms and values from web browsers, typically mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Recent enhancements include:

  • Customized title: the application title can be customized instead of defaulting to the TopView configuration name.
  • Wide format for tablets and desktop: for wider browsers on desktop and tablet devices, the application filters and selectors will be displayed next to the data instead of above the data.
  • Switch between tag details: from the tag details screen, the user can now switch to another tag without returning to Values or Alarms View.

Value Status Enhancements

Each monitored value in TopView has an associated status of Good/Bad. Recent enhancements for value status include:

  • The ability to show value status on Values View displays
  • Placeholders to include value status in custom alarm and notification messages
  • Optional suppression of alarms if values status is not good
  • Logging and reporting of value status in alarm history and reports
  • Support for returning good or bad status from logic function results

Notification Escalation Enhancements

Custom messages and Tag Group options
TopView Escalation Templates define notifications that occur at various times after the initial alarm event base on the current alarm active or acknowledge state.
Recent enhancements include:

  • Custom notification message for each escalation step: each step of an escalation template can now define a different notification message. In previous versions, the notification message for each escalation step mirrored the alarm notification message.
  • Tag Group escalation: Each Tag Group can now define an optional escalation template, allowing members of the Tag Group to inherit the escalation template defined for the Tag Group.

Text-to-Speech speed rate

Control speed of spoken messages

TopView Audible Alarms and Voice Notification can convert message text to spoken words. The user can select the desired voice and output audio format.
Through the new rate property, the user can now control the speed of the spoken words. The speech can be slowed down or sped up.