Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc


“TopView has been a pivotal and robust tool that has contributed to the continued success of the Remote Monitoring Center. Installation, setup, and configuration are straightforward with comprehensive embedded documentation and customer support that is second to none. This allows for fast implementation without the downtime that would detract from the value of monitoring real-time information. The interface between TopView and our data historian has been seamless. The TopView/RemoteViewer software has been completely dependable running behind the scenes with little to no intervention required over extended periods of time. In our current configuration, there are over 24,000 tags configured for varying levels of data inputs including analog and multi-condition digital process alarms, interface data rates, self-diagnostics, automated alarm report generation, and automatic email alerts to deteriorating conditions; All of these tools provide an additional level of value that allows the RMC to take a pro-active approach to the ever-changing conditions of our monitored fleet.”