Configuring the Linphone Softphone for Mobile


The Linphone Softphone is a mobile softphone that can be used to test VOIP/SIP phone calls and SIP instant messaging. You must have a VOIP/SIP account to use this softphone.



Although Linphone has a Windows desktop softphone we recommend using the MicroSIP softphone for Windows instead.

Download and install the Linphone mobile softphone

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Launch the Linphone app

  • On the first screen check “I accept…”
  • Click [USE SIP ACCOUNT] button

Configure your SIP account

Warning: We experienced issues when copying and pasting our SIP password into the password field so you should type in your password.

  • Username: the user name for the SIP account. May also be your extension number or phone number.
  • Password: the registration password
  • Domain: for most users, enter the SIP Server IP address or host name if your full SIP address is username@sipserver, otherwise enter the domain name for username@domainname
  • Display name: the display name of the account in the softphone (does not affect connection to the SIP server)
  • Transport: most users should select UDP
  • Click [Login]
  • Login Failure: if your authorization name is different than your user name or if your SIP server requires a proxy, the initial connection will fail and the app will say “Account does not exist or password does not match”.
    Click [Continue] at this point and perform the following steps:

    • Click the hamburger (vertical lines button) in the upper left corner of the phone and click on your account.
      Note: when entering or changing a field value, click the Check to the right of the field to accept the entered value
    • Auth ID: enter your authorization name, also called the registration name or digest username. If blank will use the entered username.
    • Password: reenter your SIP password
    • SIP Proxy: the IP address or host name of the SIP proxy (leave empty if not required for your SIP Server)

You can also access MicroSIP help for these settings

If the softphone successfully registers with your SIP server you will see “Connected” at the top of the phone: