Configuring the MicroSIP Softphone


The MicroSIP Softphone is a Windows-based softphone that can be used to test VOIP/SIP phone calls and SIP instant messaging. You must have a VOIP/SIP account to use this softphone.

Warning: if your computer does not have sound, pressing a button on the softphone keypad may not register the DTMF code (e.g. testing TopView alarm acknowledge). See the bottom of this post for more details and possible workaround.

Download and install the softphone

Go to the download page and click the MicroSIP-x.yy.z.exe at the top of the screen.


Configure an account

Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the phone, then “Add Account…”

You can also access MicroSIP help for these settings

Here is an example of MicroSIP configured as extension 1008 for our Grandstream UCM device:

Click the [Save] button to save your settings.

If the softphone successfully registers with your SIP server you will see “Online” at the bottom of the phone:

No sound heard during call

Lack of sound during a VOIP call is usually due to the codecs used during the call. We experienced this issue with OnSip and MicroSIP on some desktop but were able to resolve the issue by enabling the following codecs:

DTMF code (key press) recognition

If the computer does not have sound, pressing a key on the softphone may not register. You should be able to change the DTMF method on the phone to resolve this issue.

Change the DTMF mode to SIP-INFO and save the settings