OPCcalc® and EDICTvb.Net (v.4.5.0)

OPCcalc® and EDICTvb.Net (v.4.5.0)

OPCcalc® is a vendor-neutral, process calculation framework for OPC data. OPCcalc allows you to easily create and manage process calculations that read and write current and historical OPC data.
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EDICTvb.Net™ is a process calculation framework for OSISoft PI. EDICTvb.Net allows you to easily create and manage process calculations that read and write current and historical PI data.
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Version 4.5.0 Release

Version highlights:

Visual Studio 2017,  .Net Framework 4.5

Equation library projects now support building/compiling using Visual Studio 2017 and MSBuild v15. Debugging of equation libraries and user functions is also supported in Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio 2017 supported versions include Enterprise, Professional, and Community.

Previous versions required Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 for product applications and therefore product installation. This has been changed to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. As part of requiring .NET Framework 4.5 we no longer support building equation libraries with Visual Studio versions before Visual Studio 2012. .NET Framework 4.5 will also require Windows 7 SP1 or later (client OS) or Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later

Equation Editor Improvements

Equation Database updates

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