OPCcalc® and EDICTvb.Net (v.4.4.7)

OPCcalc® and EDICTvb.Net (v.4.4.7)

OPCcalc® is a vendor-neutral, process calculation framework for OPC data. OPCcalc allows you to easily create and manage process calculations that read and write current and historical OPC data.
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EDICTvb.Net™ is a process calculation framework for OSISoft PI. EDICTvb.Net allows you to easily create and manage process calculations that read and write current and historical PI data.
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Version 4.4.7 Release

Version highlights:


Equation Editor Improvements

Automatic Equation Library backup

The Equation Editor will now make of back up of each saved equation library file.  The Editor will also back up unsaved changes for libraries at a regular interval to prevent losing work. If there is a backup that is more recent than the saved copy of the library, the user is shown the copy on disk compared to the backup and will be asked for their choice of library.

Recalculation logging level

Each library recalculation can create a log file of the recalculation details. The logging level allows the user to control the amount of information included in the recalculation log file.

Equation Scheduler uses Equation Server API

The Equation Scheduler application is now using the Equation Server API for all communication to the Equation Server.