Send TopView messages via WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform owned by Facebook. We’ve received a number of requests to allow TopView to send messages via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp does not provide an API for sending messages, so it is not possible to have TopView send messages to groups from WhatsApp, but it is possible to send a message from TopView to the WhatsApp Desktop application, which can then be sent out to the appropriate group or contact by a user.

Since TopView has powerful text replacements available in placeholders, the message sent to the WhatsApp application can be built from any important row or alarm information in TopView.

These instructions show how to pass a message to WhatsApp from TopView when the user clicks on a custom field in TopView. See “Other possible integrations” below for ideas on how else this integration may be implemented.


This requires three applications installed on the same computer:

  1. TopView Remote Viewer
  2. WhatsApp Desktop application for PC
  3. The “SendToWhatsApp” application, provided by Exele, downloaded and extracted to a path accessible by the Remote Viewer application


  1. Download and install any missing requirements listed above
  2. Load your TopView configuration
  3. Select a row in the Tags and Limits screen
  4. Select the “Custom Fields” tab in the “Selected tag settings” window to the right of the tag list
  5. Use one of the “Custom Fields” for the WhatsApp integration:
    • Give the field an appropriate name
    • Fill in the field value using this template, replacing the text in the braces with what is appropriate for your application:
      <label>Send WhatsApp message <link> "[Insert full path]\SendToWhatsAppDesktop.exe" <arg> [message]
    • Any combination of TopView placeholders or other text can be used in the message to be sent to WhatsApp.
  6. Copy/Paste, or Export, edit, and Import the Custom Field settings to all the rows that require this functionality.
  7. Ensure the custom field is shown on the Alarms or Values View by setting the custom field’s visibility in TopView Configurator’s Options screen.
  8. Ensure that the WhatsApp Desktop application is not running.

When running, clicking the Custom Field link should launch the WhatsApp Desktop application. After selecting the message’s intended recipient, the passed message should be filled in the chat box.

Known Issues

Other possible integrations

TopView and the “SendToWhatsApp” application can be combined in other ways. These are left to you to implement: