Exele Newsletter March 2015

Exele Newsletter March 2015


Environmental Compliance: Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

Enforcement of environmental regulations in process facilities with emissions sources is becoming increasingly prevalent. Currently, many facilities bring CEMS data into spreadsheets to perform most of the required calculations for compliance. There are many disadvantages inherent to the spreadsheet solution.

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TopView 6.20

Alarm Management and Alarm Notification Software for OPC/SCADA, OSIsoft PI, Canary Labs, SQL, and PerfMon

Version Highlights:

  • ​SNMP Trap Alarm Messages
    TopView can act as an SNMP agent that can send SNMP Trap messages for TopView alarms
  • OPC-HDA (for GE Proficy, Kepware Historian, and others)  
    TopView OPC supports direct connection to OPC-HDA Servers even if no OPC-DA Server exists
  • Alarm Limits screen UI updates 
    New tag list and group filtering from the Alarm Limits screen
  • Failover/redundancy improvements 
    Separate heartbeat for primary and failover machines

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OPCcalc and EDICTvb 4.2

Advanced Process Calculation Engines for OPC and PI

Version Highlights:
  • Sub-second execution
    Calculation interval as low as 50 milliseconds
  • Equation Server API
    First release of the Equation Server API, a .Net programmatic interface to the Equation Server, allows custom applications to configure, start, stop, and monitor equation libraries
  • Editor UI update 
    Dock-able and collapsible windows
  • OPC-HDA  (OPCcalc)
    Support for HDA-only OPC Servers (OPC-DA no longer required)
  • Full OPC-DA Quality (OPCcalc)
    Read/write the full OPC-DA tag quality including general (good,bad,uncertain) and sub-status

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OSIsoft Users Conference 2015

April 28-May 1, 2015 in San Francisco
Visit Exele at the Product and Partner Expo on April 28th and 29th. Learn more about Exele’s solutions for PI customers including PI-DAS, TopView, Calculation software, PI Tuning Tools, and more.

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