Exele Newsletter March 2016

Exele Newsletter March 2016


New Exele PI-DAS RECLAIM System for LA Refinery

Continuous Emissions Monitoring and Reporting

This new installation is at one of the largest refineries in California with over 50 reportable sources. The existing system was approaching end of life and needed to be replaced. Exele was selected from among several vendors to provide a replacement RECLAIM monitoring and reporting system.

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TopView 6.23 Release

Alarm Management and Alarm Notification Software for OPC/SCADA, OSIsoft PI, Canary Labs, SQL, and PerfMon

Version Highlights:

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Keeping TopView Healthy

TopView Alarm and Notification Software

Ensuring that TopView is running without interruption is essential for our customers. Although we work hard to make sure TopView is as bulletproof as possible, there are some circumstances that can affect the TopView Engine processes. Whether those circumstances are within or outside of TopView’s control, there are ways to detect and mitigate problems.
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RECLAIM, MACT, and Flare Ja Monitoring

PI-DAS Continuous Emissions Monitoring & Reporting

In addition to the PI-DAS RECLAIM project featured in this newsletter, other recent PI-DAS projects include:


OSIsoft Users Conference 2016

April 4-8, 2016 in San Francisco
Visit Exele at the Product and Partner Expo. Learn more about Exele’s solutions for PI customers including PI-DAS, TopView, Calculation software, PI Tuning Tools, and more


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