Exele Newsletter February 2023

Exele Newsletter February 2023

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  • TopView 7.0 Release
  • EDICTvb.Net and OPCcalc 4.7 Release
  • Hardening DCOM: March 14, 2023 Deadline
  • DataGate Diode: Securing Network Data Flow

TopView 7.0 Release

Alarm and Notification Software for OPC/SCADA, OSIsoft PI, OPC A&E, SQL, MQTT, Canary Labs, and PerfMon

TopView 7.0 Highlights:

  • TopView Applications are now 64-bit only
  • Notification: Support for Microsoft Teams
  • Incoming VOIP phone calls (Voice Dial-in)
  • Schedules: Rotating days/weeks
  • Web Configurator User Authentication: support for Windows Authentication
  • Notification: Support for WhatsApp Messenger (Experimental)
  • Plus more…

Read more about v7.0 …

EDICTvb.Net and OPCcalc 4.7 Release

Calculation Engines for OSIsoft PI and OPC (DA/HDA)

Version 4.7 Highlights:

  • Visual Studio 2022 and MSBuild Tools v17 support
  • OPCcalc: DCOM Hardening Support

About Exele’s Calculation Products

OPCcalc and EDICTvb.Net allow users to easily create process calculations that use OPC or PI tags as equation inputs and outputs. We handle all of the “plumbing” for your equations, letting you concentrate on your calculation logic.

Users create and build their calculations with the built-in Equation Editor; under-the-hood, our calculation products use Microsoft Frameworks to build high-performance, compiled, calculation libraries.

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Learn more about EDICTvb.Net for OSIsoft PI…

Hardening DCOM: March 14, 2023 Deadline

Due to a vulnerability detailed in CVE-2021-26414, Microsoft released a security update in June 2021 which will change the level of DCOM security required between OPC clients and remote OPC servers. Details of managing this change are available in Microsoft KB5004442.

Once implemented, this change will cause connection failures between many OPC clients and remote OPC servers including TopView OPC/SCADA, TopView OPC A&E, and OPCcalc. This security update will become permanent in March 2023.

Learn more about affected TopView and OPCcalc versions and available updates…

Microsoft: DCOM authentication hardening: what you need to know

DataGate Diode: Securing Network Data Flow

For enterprises that run critical infrastructure or other protected networks, securing the flow of operational data across secure network boundaries is an ever-present challenge. Traditional data diode solutions are notoriously expensive, and they often require a great deal of time and expertise to install and maintain.

Exele’s DataGate is robust and affordable data diode solution. The DataGate Diode allows organizations to transfer data from one domain to another while maintaining perimeter security. Best of all, it has been designed and optimized for industrial data making it easy to install, configure, and maintain.

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